Full Day Tours with Starfish Taxis:

It is our aim to provide you with a full day tour which is as close to your interests as possible. Sightseeing in Scotland is a never ending and truly joyful task!

We have created some example tours which will keep you busy for a full day but you can customise them as much as you like.

Scotland is of such breath taking beauty that it can be said it is the journey rather than the destination which will entertain you most. In other words driving through the highlands in particular is quite time consuming, the roads are tiny, often single track and very bendy not to mention steep inclines. You are however rewarded with amazing landscapes and views. Keep in mind even short distances might take a lot longer than you would anticipate elsewhere. Less mileage is often more intense as you can add an additional stop here and there.

Each of the example tours contain a list with extra attractions near by to enable you to make a choice.


We can advise a number of beautiful sightseeing locations, however, we should serve your interests. We have therefore created a few sub categories where you can find some more ideas:

  • History & Heritage
  • Castles
  • Nature & Walking
  • Whisky Tours
  • Landscapes
  • Pub Tours

Golf has an extra category in the main menu as it is such a dominant tourist attraction in the city which claims to be the Home Of Golf.

Feel free to contact us for any other interests you may have and we will try to incorporate them in your own Full Day Tour of Scotland.

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